martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012


she is afraid of your words
how her heart beats cause of you
she knows she is gonna suffer a lot
but she refuse to give up 
 this deep feeling inside.

you make her smile and cry 
at the same time consequently
she does not know about tomorrow
but she does not expect anything 
her illusions are breaking down.

you push her to the limit
she betrays herself foolishly
fighting with an unknown guilt
which does not belong to her. 

she is not like a stone,
she can break into million pieces
like a glass with only a thought 
she does not want to lose again
this struggle is not only hers.

she is patient in her own way
she tries her best but fails
know, she is not like the rest
imperfection makes her perfect for you. 

she perfectly know,
she does not confuse affair with love.

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