lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

Don't leave me.

I know I am weak, but at this moment of my life when I am in the deepest darkness I have to face everything that is happening. I am not going to give up this time, I am not going to mess it up again. I am sure for once and although I know I am not fine, I am going to get all my forces out. I am not going to feel sorrow about what I did not do. I am going to fight. I do not want you, I love and need you, sorry but it is what I feel. I am going to be strong but not weak. I do not want you to trust in me, I need that to happen. I am going to be there, even if you decide to leave me. Maybe I am going to waste my time, but it is mine and I am the one who decide what to do with it. I will wait, I am not going to dissappear. I will be right here until the moment you decide for sure everything is down. I am not going to forget you, I refuse to do that. I am sorry but I am not prepared to do that, I do not want to lose you.

Don't leave me, please don't leave me. 

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